What is a Cornhole Cover and how does it work?

A Cornhole Cover is a graphic overlay designed to allow players to quickly and easily change the graphics on their cornhole board(s).

Cornhole Covers work because each set of Covers has two ultra-powerful magnets embedded into its front edge. These magnets connect to the patented mounting bracket and hold the Cover in place with over 50 lbs of force.

Will Cornhole Covers fit my boards?

Yes! Cornhole Covers are designed to fit any regulation size cornhole board made with a 2x4 frame. In the future, we will also release a mounting bracket that fits a 1x4 frame, though we do not offer that yet.

Are Cornhole Covers waterproof?

Cornhole Covers of made of the same high-end plastic used in most commercial signage. The graphics are also covered with a protective coating that allows the bags to slide smoothly and also helps protect the graphic. It is okay if they get wet.

That said, in order to extend the life of your Cover, we recommend that it is not left out over night for extended periods of time (a few days here and there won't hurt it).

Can I use my own pictures and designs?

Absolutely! We can print any image or design, as long as you own the rights to use it. Keep in mind that cornhole boards are BIG...for an image to look sharp and crisp, the higher the resolution, the better. In general, we recommend using vector files (.ai or .eps) for logos and designs and the highest resolution possible for pictures.

Not a graphic designer? No worries! Just send us a message describing what you are looking for. We will work with our graphic designers to create a design and send it back to you for approval. Please note though that we reserve the right to assess a fee of $25 for complicated custom designs.

Can I get my favorite NCAA or major league sports team's logo?

We can print any design, logo, or picture on Cornhole Covers as long as you have the right to reproduce it. Unfortunately, if the image is protected by a trademark or copyright and you do not have a licensing agreement with that organization, we cannot print it.

To date, we have obtained obtained licensing agreements with over 15 Greek Life organizations. We are working on adding NCAA schools and will continue to update our design page as we obtain new licenses.